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Why Adopt?

Ten Reasons Why You Need a Former Racing Greyhound!
  1. You like dogs!
  2. You don't like barking.  (Greyhounds do not bark much)
  3. You don't like the "doggy smell".  (Greyhounds have little or no doggy odor)
  4. You don't like shedding.  (Greyhounds do not shed much)
  5. You appreciate beautiful animals!  Check out some pictures
  6. You do not like house breaking a dog.  (Most greyhounds are kennel trained. This makes it easy to house break them).
  7. You want a really "unique" pet.
  8. When you walk your want people to look at the dog!
  9. You want an intelligent dog.
  10. You want a dog that will get along well with children and other pets.
Ten Reasons Why a Former Racing Greyhound Needs You! 
  1. Most of these dogs are euthanized when they can no longer race.
  2. Some are not humanely euthanized; they are brutally killed or "taken off", or left somewhere to starve.
  3. Some of them are bred to race, but for some reason are not able to qualify, and never race.
  4. Some of these dogs are used for "vivisection"; medical research.
  5. They did not receive much TLC while racing; they cannot get enough when adopted!
  6. They are very loving and affectionate dogs; they have just never had anyone to love.
  7. Most of them have 8 - 10  years left to live when their racing career is over.
  8. People have been adopting greyhounds for years; but there are still not enough homes for all of them.
  9. They have "earned their keep", but have never had what you could call a "home".
  10. Greyhounds, like all living creatures, need love.