Greyhounds Galore

Save a Life...Make a Friend

Adopt a Former Racing Greyhound

Greyhounds Galore is a not for profit 501(c)(3) greyhound rescue
and adoption organization.  Our mission statement is summed up by
the story of the "

Former/retired racers have nowhere to go when their racing
career is over. Too many of them are euthanized for this reason.
They need caring homes. They make wonderful pets and are
forever grateful for the home that you provide. They will return
many times over the love that you give to them.

Greyhounds are beautiful dogs, check out some pictures.  They are
quiet and loving. They are especially suited for "pet therapy".  Read
about my hero Max the therapy dog.

If you are interested in adopting a greyhound...but want more info,
browse our site. Be sure to check out our  "Frequently Asked
" page.  If you cannot adopt, find out how you may be able
help in other ways.

We have placed many of these beautiful dogs into loving homes
since we started many years ago. We have a series of stories about
the greyhounds that have been adopted from Greyhounds  Galore.
We have asked some of our adopters to submit the story of the  
greys who share their homes. Please check out  "
Happy Endings"