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How To Help

Things you can do to help with the rescue and adoption effort for retired racing greyhounds!
Fund Raising:  We need funds for building supplies, fencing, gifts for raffles, or product(s) that may be used for improving our facilities.  Everyone knows someone that works in a restaurant/retail store that has items available for donation.  It is a tax write-off.  Yard sale items are very welcome, so please keep us in mind during "spring cleaning".   Greyhounds Galore sells items at yard sales from time to time.  All proceeds are used for the greyhounds.  Call Jackie at (478) 742-0474, and she will pick up these items.
Foster homes: Help greyhounds get acclimated to our world.  Greyhounds Galore has limited space for these animals; and there are many more at the farms and tracks that need to be picked up. The tracks and farms can only hold them for a short time; then they must be euthanized.
Volunteers: We need volunteers to help with walking and showing dogs as needed from time to time.  People who have already adopted greyhounds can talk to and interview prospective adopters.  It is helpful for someone who knows greyhounds to talk with and answer questions for prospective adopters.
Crafts: Are you a "crafty" person?  We need help with making dog blankets and beds.  It is very expensive supplying these items in multiples.  If you sew, or know of someone who sews, we will be glad to reimburse the cost of the materials if they will donate their time and craftsmanship.
Public Relations:  We need people to help get the word out about the plight of retired racing greyhounds!  This could be flyers (which we will provide) at animal related businesses, information distributed to schools, website links, news coverage, letters to the editors of local newspapers (especially if you are a greyhound adopter), and any other way you can think of to educate the public about the need to place these wonderful pets into adoptive homes.
Newsletter:  A committee to compose and publish a newsletter.  If you are interested please contact Jackie at (478) 742-0474.
Website:  We need information and stories for our web page.  If you would like to put a picture or funny/curious story about your greyhound(s), or if you would like to place a link to our site, please contact Jackie Brantley at (478) 742-0474. We would especially appreciate personal stories from greyhound adopters!  People who may be considering adoption want to hear from people who have already adopted.
GreyhoundGraphics: Are you artistic?  Do you paint or draw?  There is a shortage of greyhound art to be found.  We need paintings, drawings, carvings, or sculpture.  We would also appreciate anything that can be scanned and added to the website.  These are beautiful animals! Can you recreate them?  Cartoon greyhounds are a greyt addition to web pages!!!
   1. Bleach
   2. Disinfectants and various cleaning products
   3. 2 quart stainless steel dog bowls
   4. Flea control - dog, inside and outdoor
   5. Dog blankets and beds
   6. Garbage bags
   7. Pooper Scoopers
   8. Paper towels, cleaning rags
   9. Medical supplies, gauze, tape, vet wrap, alcohol, peroxide, antibiotics
  10. Pedigree Dogfood; not being picky, just works best with the greyhound's digestive system.