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About Us

Greyhounds Galore is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), animal rescue and adoption organization. We are located in the Middle Georgia (Macon) area. The organization, founded by Jackie Brantley, was established to help in the fight for the lives of retired racing greyhounds. Thousands of greyhounds are killed every year just for the simple fact that they can no longer race and provide entertainment for "man kind".

Although these animals' racing days are over, they still have a lot to give. These sweet and beautiful animals can be loyal, loving, and devoted companions to that special person that is willing to give them the same love, loyalty, and devotion.

Greyhounds Galore is operated and funded solely by Jackie Brantley.  The organization needs help and donations desperately.  If you would like to adopt a greyhound, offer your help, or make a donation, you can contact Greyhounds Galore at 478-742-0474; or other ways to contact us are:

History of Greyhounds Galore

Before 1992 Jackie Brantley didn't know a lot about greyhound racing. She had no knowledge of what happens to racing greyhounds after their career is over.  Then one night she watched a "Hard Copy" segment which dealt with this topic.  
More than a little of it was shocking. There were many "horror stories".  Most retired racing greyhounds are euthanized. Sometimes humanely, too often not.  There was an account of finding many unneeded racing greyhound dogs locked in an abandoned trailer to starve, their ears had been removed so that the tattoo's showing their kennel history and owner's identity could not be traced.  Some are abused and "taken off", and are found wandering, starved and often injured, along some road. Some wind up in animal shelters to be
euthanized with the others.

This is, however, an introduction to one  woman who is trying to make a difference. We will not dwell on the horror stories. Jackie would rather explain her hopes and ambitions, and how she became involved with finding adoptive homes for these beautiful  animals.

Jackie was very upset after seeing this program, and thought about it a lot. She called the telephone number provided by the television program, and soon adopted her first grey, Max.

She began studying the available information on the subject of greyhounds. History, temperament, physical attributes and needs, dietary requirements, etc.  She subscribed to magazines and newsletters.  Soon she and Paul had their second greyhound, Jetta Bell.

When they saw what wonderful pets these dogs had become... the decision was made to locate as many of these abandoned animals as possible... and try to place them into loving homes.

Jackie and Paul believe there is a special person or family out there for each of these greyhounds. Is one of them you?

If you have questions about the adoption process, please call Jackie or Paul at (478) 742-0474...or try this link:  

We will be glad to mail or Email an adoption form for you to look over.