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We will answer some of your questions here. Others can best be answered by other greyhound owners.  For example,  the following link is to a story that we recently received by email.  It was unsolicited and most welcome; it is an example of one very satisfied greyhound adopter! Captain
More extensive information can often be found at another web site.  If a link takes you to another web site...use your browser's "Back" button to come back to this page.
Remember that greyhounds are like any other pet; they are individuals. The answer to many questions will depend on each individual dog; his/her personality, disposition, background, age, etc. Questions about specific dogs and/or individual requirements must be addressed to Jackie personally. She can be reached by phone at (478)742-0474. Her email address is

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Where is Greyhounds Galore located? In which areas are your greyhounds available for adoption?
Greyhounds Galore is located in Macon Georgia. We are a small agency and can only place our greys in Georgia or nearby in surrounding states. If you are in a nearby state, please call Jackie at (478) 742-0474 to talk about your exact location/distance from Greyhounds Galore.
If you are not in our area, please check out the following web site. It is a very large agency, and has a complete listing of all greyhound adoption agencies. There is a US map. Click on your state and/or surrounding states to find your local listing:
How much does it cost to adopt a greyhound?
The fee to adopt from Greyhounds Galore is $150.  This includes spay/neutering of the animal; teeth cleaning, shots, i.d. tag, owner's manual and collar.
How do I arrange an adoption through Greyhounds Galore?  How do I get an application?
Our adoption process is fairly simple.  You must fill out an adoption application and then someone from the agency will go over it with you.  Our application is on this web site, (the link is at the bottom of this section).  You may print the form, fill it out by hand and mail it to the address at the top of the form.  You can also type in the information while online, then print it out and mail it to us.  If you prefer we can mail you an application if you give us your name and address.
When everything is approved, you will pay the adoption fee and if the dog is ready to go, you can take home your new family member that day.  If the dog you want is not available at the time of the interview, you will receive him/her within a three week period after that.
If for some reason, it does not work out and you can not keep the greyhound, Greyhounds Galore requires that you relinquish your greyhound back to a representative of the agency.  If desired, another dog will be accepted in the place of the first greyhound if permissible.
If you have questions about the adoption process, please call Jackie or Paul at (478) 742-0474...or Email them at .  
Adoption Application
Where can I find more information about greyhounds? Adopting a greyhound?
There are many sources for gaining general information about greyhounds as a breed; also information about adopting them. This is not a complete list and will be added to as time permits:
Greyhounds, by Caroline Coile; $7.95*
Adopting the Racing Greyhound, by Cynthia A. Branigan; $11.19
The Complete Book of Greyhounds, by Julia Barnes; $7.50
These are the current prices from as of 4/4/04.  They can be ordered and received in 1-3 days.  Click on the link; when it opens, there is a 'search box in the upper left corner.  Select 'books' from the dropdown box; in the other box type the word 'greyhounds' and click on 'Go'.  There are many greyhound books listed, but these are the 3 that Jackie recommends.
*Greyhounds, by Caroline Coile has everything you could want to know, and is a real bargain.
Web Sites:
So You're Thinking About Adopting a Greyhound...
Adopt-a-Greyhound - The Greyhound Project
Do greyhounds have to be kept in a fenced yard? How high would a fence need to be? What about electronic fencing?
YES...they must be kept in a fenced yard.  Greyhounds are sight hounds and should NEVER be trusted off a leash unless in a fenced in area. Not even to walk from the car to the house.  Please do not try your greyhound.  It is very easy to begin to "trust" your pet. "He always comes when I call"; until the first time that he does not!  "She never goes out to the road"; until the first time that she does!  Those belong in the "famous last words" category!!
A fence high enough to keep a greyhound in should be 5' tall...6' would be even better.  We have been asked about 3' fencing.  A greyhound can almost "step over" this.  Their average shoulder height is 2.5'.
NO..."electronic fencing" will not stop a greyhound.  To quote Jackie; "He/she will feel the shock a hundred yards down the road."  They are just too fast.  Remember; a greyhound can reach full speed, (somewhere around 40 m.p.h. average), in just a few strides.
Greyhound Owners...please help us with our FAQ's!  Most questions asked can best be answered by YOU!  We need input and/or stories that will answer the questions about living with greyhounds, i.e., children, cats, dogs,  etc.  Read through our "Frequently Asked Questions" and submit your own experiences so that we can better introduce prospective adopters to these wonderful pets.  Here is what we need: